Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Malerba Bail Bonds supplies Ansonia, CT and surrounding area consumers top Bail Bonds services. Our staff specializes in Surety Bonds, Court Date Checks & Warrant Searches. Malerba Bail Bonds has developed into Ansonia, CT’s Bail Bonds Business leader. Our outstanding customer service team is looking forward to helping you.


Basically, a bail bond is a guarantee that the defendant will attend all scheduled court dates requested by the court. When a bail bond is written, a fee of 10% for first $5,000 and 7% of remaining bond amount is paid to a bail bondsman to post the full bond amount to the jail.

The premium on all Conneticut Bail Bonds is 10%. No bail bond agency can charge you any more or any less. To post bond, call our office and speak with one of our bail bondsman to further discuss your options. Our Fees: 10% of the first $5,000 and 7% of the remaining bond amount.

No. In most cases, collateral is not needed. Some paperwork and the premium fee is all that is required. Since each case is unique, we ask that you call our office and speak with a licensed bondsman to further discuss whether collateral is needed for your bail bond.

We can have you approved in minutes. The entire bail bond process can be done over the phone. Once the bail bond is posted, the release time can be less than 1 hour depending on which county the defendant is in.

Our service is unique and the most efficient. We service all of our customers out of one office then contact our agents throughout the state to post the bond at the jail. This ensures consistency in our bail bond service and allows you to deal with the same bail bondsman throughout the court process. We offer all types of payment options such as cash and all major Credit Cards (except American Express (AMEX))