Our Process

Our Process

Step One

To get the process rolling you’re going to need to have some basic information handy. Make sure you know the following:

  • The full name of the arrested person
  • The date of birth of the arrested person
  • The County where the arrested person is being held
  • The reason for arrest and/or charges against the arrested person
  • The bail amount.
If you do not know what the charge is or the bond amount one of our licensed agents will assist you in finding this information out.

Step Two

Once we have been able to verify the charge and bail amount, we will discuss the premium and fees for posting bail. We will review with you the requirements for an indemnitor (also known as a co-signer). Requirements are similar to applying for a loan.

Fees are 10% of the FIRST $5,000 of the total bond plus 7% of the remaining bond amount. The state of Conneticut sets all fees. The cost for posting the Bail Bond is non-refundable and does not go toward the defendants court costs.

What is an indemnitor? An indemnitor is also known as a co-signer. This person is responsible to make sure that the defendant shows up for all of their court appearances until they are sentenced. If the defendant does not appear for all court appearances and we cannot find them, the indemnitor is responsible to pay the court for the entire about of the bond. This is a big responsibility and we want to make sure you know what you are signing before you decide to post a bail bond.

You will need to provide Malerba Bail Bonds a fee in the amount of 10% for first $5,000 and 7% of the remaining total bail amount. Use our bond calculator to get an estimate on your bond fees.

Step Three

Malerba Bail Bonds will dispatch one of our highly trained professional agents to the jail where your loved one is being held. At that time we can verify your information, fill out an application and sign the indemnitor contract.

If you are unable to make it to the jail call us for free information about other options to get this information. (203) 732-2663 - or - (203) 732-BOND

Your loved one is released. They will be given their first court date at that time from the jail staff. (Not all situations are the same; some of this information may vary.)

Make sure that the defendant makes all their court appearances. Notify us of any changes such as phone number, address, place of employment or any changes to the application.

We know this is a stressful time for you and your family but rest assured knowing that you are in good hands with Malerba Bail Bonds. We are here to walk you through the Bail Bond process and assist you with any questions that may arise at any time.

How Bail Bonds Work In Connecticut

  1. A person (defendant) is arrested or finds out they have a warrant
  2. A friend, family member, or even a co-worker can come down and bond them out
  3. Charges and bail amounts are verified, bond premiums and collateral are negotiated
  4. Bail bond contracts and application are filled out and signed by the person who will be responsible for defendant making all court dates (indeminitor)
  5. Bail bond premiums are paid to the bondsman
  6. Bail bond agent goes to the jail to post the defendants bond(s) at the detention center
  7. Defendant is released from the jail
  8. Defendant must appear at ALL court dates and comply with ALL bond conditions until case is dismissed or bond is released by the Judge/courts
  9. Written documentation of the bond release must be obtained from the court clerk
  10. Collateral, if any was given, will be returned to the indemnitor after bond release has been presented to the bondsman

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Having a family member or a friend in jail can be stressful and confusing. Let Malerba Bail Bonds help you get them out quickly and simply. Malerba Bail Bonds has more options to make you baill bonding experience fast, easy and discreet.